Discover how to grow your own veg, even without your own land.

Why Grow Veg?

Since the beginning of time, growing and preparing food has united us through thick and thin. However, in our fast and hurried modern world, where time is scarce and food has been turned over to industrialised production, we are offered expensive, nutrition free veg that has travelled many hundreds, if not thousands, of miles arriving often without taste, unripe, doused with chemicals, and packaged in plastic.  If you want to make a difference to your health, your wealth and your friendships, not to mention the environment, there’s never been a  better time to get involved in growing your own veg.

At Get Diggin’ It we’ve found a way to get everyone involved from the young to the old, from the garden ‘haves’ to the garden ‘have-nots’, from the wealthy to the not so wealthy, from the well to the unwell so that everyone can benefit from fresh locally grown and seasonal fruit and veg.

About GDI

Get Diggin’ it Is the accidental creation of Jenny Lynn. You’ll find out why on the about tab. Jenny and her ambitious team of fellow adventurers are committed to making Get Diggin’ It a dynamic Community Interest Company, marrying up land surplus with people who have none, while helping educate and rehabilitate, in some cases, both garden owners and volunteers.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?
  • I would love to grow my own veg but I don’t have any time
  • I would love to grow my own veg but I don’t have any land
  • I really wished I had a local friendship circle
  • I’ve been so stressed recently and know I just need to get outside
  • I have a garden that’s going to waste and I just can’t look after it anymore
  • I wish I could do something physical to get fit that I actually liked
  • I really want to know what’s in my food – I worry what my children are growing up on
  • I really want to get involved in the conscious movement and take action to make a difference

Then join in the adventure! Just decide where you fit in below and see you on the next page! 

Share your garden

Ever wondered what to do with that huge overgrown garden of yours? You can grow veg without getting your hands dirty! Want to know how?

Join the Community

Are you moving into a new and challenging phase of your life? Want to make new friends and do something useful? Oh and get some free veg?

Get passionate with us!

Have you come to realise that if you want to see change in the world, YOU have to be that change? You can do something valuable that not only gives back to the community but actually creates one. Want to know more?

We are passionate about keeping your information safe.

So we promise only to send you information about our activities at Get Diggin’ It CIC, keeping your data safe, and to never share your data with anyone else. We may call or email you at times to find out what interests you about our activities and to see if we can inspire you to take action in your local communities for yourself and others. Or we may call or email to see if you would like to receive the benefits of the actions that others take. If you email us we aim to answer your queries within 7 days or less. If at any stage you no longer want to receive our communications, you can very simply unsubscribe at the bottom of emails by clicking on the link.