Hello 123 Elm St.! 

What’s in this edition:

  • Shed painting off but BBQ is on 16th. Buddhists step in.
  • Rainbow Rural – Monday 18th. SOS.
  • Your community garden project needs you!
  • GDI was at Dunmow in Bloom and U3A.
  • GDI is at Farmers Markets. Is there one near you? 
  • GDI is working with Dunmow St Mary’s
  • Volunteers days: Weds/Thursdays
  • Jose leaves 🙁 
  • Partnership with Green Matters

Shed painting off, but BBQ is on 16th. 

Good day, diggers! Gosh the growing season has gone mad. After a bitter cold spring with low light levels, in the last few weeks it’s gone crazy! As a result me and my Spanish guest worker, Jose have been working flat out catching up with the growing season. And at last, the lovely weather have brought our volunteers back to us! It’s so wonderful to be outside doing something useful and getting some veg in return. Remember, you can join us. More details below.

However, due to our running on empty, the Shed painting is off for the moment but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t still have a BBQ. I’ll be there at 2.30pm on our plots with a bag of charcoal and some skewered veg. Bring beer, instruments, and whatever it is you want to BBQ. Let’s just keep it low key and fun.

Having practised Buddhism for over 30 years, I happened to be at a buddhist wedding yesterday and my lovely buddhist community have stepped up and we are setting a date for shed painting in September. It will be open to everyone but my buddhist friends will be taking responsibility for it with me. Phew! Amazing.

Remember, saturday 16th at 2.30pm we will be at Jubilee Allotments, Waldgrooms, Dunmow CM6 1EA.


Rainbow Rural welcomes Get Diggin’ It but we need YOU!

Rainbow rural is an amazing organic farm in Barnston that works with disabled disadvantaged and vulnerable people. AND they have offered us a piece of land to place our donated 2x12metre long industrial sized polytunnels. Our thanks to both Martin Read of Felsted who donated the tunnels, and the Monks of Rainbow Rural who have made this possible. HOWEVER, as always, I need a couple of burly guys to help put them back up on Monday morning 18th June. Can anyone step forward? Please reply to this email if so. Thanks. 

GDI is working all over the place!

Yes! We were at Dunmow in Bloom – thanks to Zoe Brady. And then at the U3A, thanks to Pat Kelly, talking about our Food growing revolution where we met some fab volunteers. We have been at Garnetts Farm Farmers Market, Blackmore’s farmers markets and Coggeshall farmers market selling our seedlings in the last few weeks. And we are also working with Dunmow St Mary’s – and were in the Dunmow Broadcast a few weeks ago. And we’re teaming up with Dunmow’s Charitable initiative – Green Matters – who clear gardens that have grown out of control – while we move in and grow veg in them! Clearly a marriage made in heaven. All of our initiatives need YOU to help make them work. Join in and help in the food revolution which is Get Diggin’ It – growing veg in other people’s gardens – and take some food home.


Volunteering is a radical act of protest!

We are stronger together than apart. And in growing our own food, we also help people with all kinds of issues come together and build community. AND you get free veg too! What’s not to like? Let’s be radical!

Jose, my amazing Spanish Guest worker goes home on Tuesday 19th. I shall be sorry to see him go as he’s become a fixture of GDI in these last 9 weeks. In his wake, we have a few volunteers, who like sunflowers, have come out with the sun. And we’d love more people to join us.

In the next few weeks we are meeting Wednesdays and Thursday mornings from 9.30ish till 1pm ish.You can drop in any time for an hour or two. Just text me on 07773 919071 and let me know you’ll be coming and I’ll give you a few directions and instructions. 

We need help with: Website, Marketing, social media, growing veg, organising volunteers, admin, etc. Every hour you can offer helps. Thanks to the Community Initiatives Fund for their grant to put up these structures and get us up and running.


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a growing movement of people who would rather deal with other people direct than through the system of money and debt which isolates us in our homes, worrying about paying bills and how to make ends meet. Ubuntu seeks to build communities, bring people together of like mind, and really energise our local communities. There are meetings in Dunmow. Next one 11th June. If you are interested, drop us a line.


Your ideas

Has knowing about Get Diggin’ It sparked any ideas in you? We would love to hear them. Just reply to this message and we will let you know we’ve received your thoughts and will put them to our very small team next time we meet.

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From Jenny Lynn and Robert Adams