Hello 123 Elm St.! 

What’s in this edition:

  • Evenings at the allotments
  • Our new promo video! Like and subscribe to our youtube channel
  • What’s growing well and what’s not
  • Veg for sale
  • GDI – wins funds for a part time marketing assistant/Bid writer
  • Volunteering for us
  • Can I give a talk at your organisation?

Too hot for daytimes – Evenings anyone? 

Mondays and Thursday evenings (This week Wednesday 8th as I can’t make Thursday) are now open for you to join us! Come to our little corner of veg growing heaven at the Jubilee Allotments on Waldgrooms. After work from say 5.30 till 8.30 I’ll be down there watering, weeding, harvesting and planning a few small projects for the allotments. The deal is: contribute your energy and effort to our project and take home some veg for free.

We are still running a Wednesday and Thursday morning volunteer session at the Allotment (sometimes at the GDI garden) for those who have time available during the day – just reply to this email for more information!

Jubilee Allotments, Waldgrooms, Dunmow CM6 1EA.


What do you think of our new promo video? Thanks to media student, Oliver Rochford of HRS for his work experience. 

Look at this! https://youtu.be/mZU85D2mFd8

Please click on the link above rather than the picture. You would be making a great contribution to our enterprise by sharing this with your friends and subscribing to our youtube channel. I’m very pleased with it. What do you think? Please leave a comment on the channel. 


What’s growing well and what’s not?

July has been a scorcher and for those of us growing veg, it is not as welcome as you would imagine.

Green beans

Green beans have been practically decimated….unless they just came into flower before the great storm last week. Then you may have a few good beans growing. Thanks to Simon Hart, horticulturalist, for his advice that green beans often need showers of water to pollinate.

Root Veg

My root veg are not doing great. There’s the constant battle with getting water into the ground so celeriac, turnips, beetroots and swede are all growing exceedingly slowly and are not producing very well. Carrots I gave up on after a few weedy things came to naught. I have noticed a difference though between my GDI garden which is all horsemanure where they are growing a bit better. And as ever, I am not the oracle and other people are reporting better results than me.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Chard, Kale

These seem to be are doing ver well! Toms and Cukes love the dry heat…as long as they have water at the roots. Chard and Kale are doing well.  

Courgettes and squashes

As ever, these are doing well. It’s difficult to not grow these well….unless your ground is very poor and then I find they tend to not produce as much.

Mulching in Dry Weather

One of my recent house guests, a young Ozzie environmental science teacher, who came to visit the allotment said ‘Jenny, why doesn’t the UK use mulch? I’ve not seen it anywhere over here. In Australia, everything is mulch, mulch, mulch.” He had a point. So I laid down some straw around a few rows of veg from a straw bales I had brought down last autumn. Kazoo! Instant moisture retention! The water from the deluge we had the other Friday was trapped underneath the mulch and those plants are doing significantly better now. Thanks Gabor!

Veg Sales

I have been promoting our very own artisan market in Great Dunmow called the Country Market on Thursdays from 9am till 11.30am. Here’s the event that is running for them: https://www.facebook.com/events/255896788352660/.

I hope to be able to sell a little bit of veg through there. Or you can come to my home and buy some from our GDI garden here too. Message me on www.facebook.com/groups/getdigginit or on 07773 919071 and WhatsApp.

I’ll be sharing some recipes too on our new youtube channel so stay tuned.

Bid Writer/Marketing Assistant

Thanks to the EALC based in Great Dunmow, we have been awarded some money to hire a part time bid writer/marketing assistant. If you are looking for a part time job, up to around 12 hours a week, we’d be happy to hear from you. I can send you job description and details if you respond to this email.

Volunteering is a radical act of protest!

We are stronger together than apart. And in growing our own food, we also help people with all kinds of issues come together and build community. AND you get free veg too! What’s not to like? Let’s be radical!

We need help with: Website, Marketing, social media, growing veg, organising volunteers, admin, etc. Every hour you can offer helps. Thanks to the Community Initiatives Fund for their grant and the EALC for their funding of Get Diggin’ It.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a growing movement of people who would rather deal with other people direct than through the system of money and debt which isolates us in our homes, worrying about paying bills and how to make ends meet. Ubuntu seeks to build communities, bring people together of like mind, and really energise our local communities. There are meetings in Dunmow. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Your ideas

Has knowing about Get Diggin’ It sparked any ideas in you? We would love to hear them. Just reply to this message and we will let you know we’ve received your thoughts and will put them to our very small team next time we meet.

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From Jenny Lynn and Robert Adams