Hello 123 Elm St.! 

What’s in this edition:

  • Have you seen our multi-coloured Shed painting?
  • Carnival Feedback
  • GDI – employs are first employee with EALC Grant award
  • Allotment Tidy up and Social 10th November
  • Christmas walk
  • Volunteering for us – a radical act
  • Can I give a talk at your organisation?


Here’s our multicoloured shed! 

What a fabulous day we had and what an impact! We cannot go unnoticed now. Everyone has seen our shed on our facebook group and on the What’s on in Dunmowgroup. People are saying to me, “You’re the group with that amazing shed!”. Yes. We are! Woohoo. What do you think?

Our heartfelt thanks to the Buddhist group I have been a member of for 35 years…I can’t believe it’s been so long! We had children as young as 3 painting and a few babes in arms, as well as young guest families and some of our older members. Everyone made themselves useful one way or another, making tea, weeding, painting. What do you think of it? Drop into our facebook group and keep up to date with what we are doing.

Dunmow Carnival Feedback

It was a blisteringly warm day and we showed off some of our veg in a lovely display. Thanks to our volunteers who were with us to help us on the day. What would we do without you? And if you’re new to us and have opted to go on our volunteer list, I’ll be messaging you shortly with our volunteering opportunities, regular and occasional, in the next few months. 

Mia our first employee!

That’s Mia above on the left! Our first employee. Mia is kickin a**…..well, she’s a numbers and detail marketing expert and I’m the networking ideas person so the synergy is just perfect! She nails down the detail, and makes things possible logistically and has me focussed on what is achievable with our social enterprise. Help me welcome her on our facebook group. 


Allotment Tidy-up and Social

We’ll be getting together on Saturday 10th November for our yearly Allotment Tidy up and Social. If you’ve been thinking of joining us and want to find out what growing your own veg is all about, come and join us. We’ll have drinks and soups and barbecue going and we’ll be organising ourselves into teams to descend on allotments to help out. If you’re an allotmenteer and would like us to work on your allotment, come along and show us what you want doing. We’ll start at 11am and finish around 3.30pm.


Christmas Walk

We’ll be doing our Christmas Walk again somewhere between Christmas and New Year thanks to Claire who loves planning and leading us! We’ll send the date soonest so you can scratch it in your diary. Last year we were snowed on, would you believe it! Hopefully this year, we can have a crisp sunny winter’s day. Everyon

Can I talk at your organisation?

I’ve already given plenty of talks about Get Diggin’ It focussing on a range of diverse topics which include, not only, the ethos of Get Diggin’ It but principles of permaculture, Recycling and reusing and eating and cooking in season. If I can give a talk at your organisation, please reply to this email or contact me on 07773 919071.


Volunteering is a radical act of protest!

We are stronger together than apart. And in growing our own food, we also help people with all kinds of issues come together and build community. AND you get free veg too! What’s not to like? Let’s be radical!

We need help with: Website, Marketing, social media, growing veg, organising volunteers, admin, etc. Every hour you can offer helps.


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a growing movement of people who would rather deal with other people direct than through the system of money and debt which isolates us in our homes, worrying about paying bills and how to make ends meet. Ubuntu seeks to build communities, bring people together of like mind, and really energise our local communities. There are meetings in Dunmow – the next one Thursday 11th October. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you in the loop.


Your ideas

Has knowing about Get Diggin’ It sparked any ideas in you? We would love to hear them. Just reply to this message and we will let you know we’ve received your thoughts and will put them to our very small team next time we meet.

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From Jenny Lynn, Mia Randall and Robert Adams