Growing Veg – Every Wednesday 09.30 – 12.30 (Jubilee Allotments, Great Dunmow)


Jubilee Allotments, Waldgrooms, Great Dunmow. CM6 1DZ

Roll your sleeves up and ready yourself to get veg growing! As I put this event up it is November 2018 and throughout the winter, we have grounds to work, a new garden to prepare, weeding, mulching and compost building to do. We have a pond to dig, a palletwood shelter to build, AND we have our brand new Get Diggin’ It polytunnel to get used to working in at the local organic farm.

As the winter progresses, Get diggin’ It will host a Christmas walk so we can socialise off the tools as well as on, and through the coldest months of January and February we’ll be planning our growing season and continuing to prep gardens and our allotments for the first buds of spring just around the corner.

Who can come?
If you’ve wondered what goes on in the veg growing world you’re in the right place. Are you…
* looking to meet like minded people
* looking to get well after a spell of illness and build friendships
* hankering after your old allotment
* missing your partner in life and wanting to get out again
* happy to share a skill set with us, such as cooking, weaving or carpentry
* roused to action by Curtis Stone or Richard Perkins
* wanting to make a difference to your own health and wellbeing
* planning to feed your family for free, while giving them a new interest and appreciation for nature.

Then I hope you’ll be chomping at the bit to get involved with Get Diggin’ It. If you bring skills from your larger life, we would love to learn from you too and involve you in our projects. There is no charge for this meet up.

Why do it?
There are many reasons to grow veg now more than ever before. Here’s a few:
* Free Food – is like printing money – you get to take some home
* Learn to be less dependent on the system
* Co-create healthy, non industrialised systems of food growing
* Get yourself well and reconnected with nature and the seasons
* Build a new relationship with yourself and others
* Get out of the flat – do not be limited by your lack of land.
* Teach your kids how to grow food
* Learn how to cook foods you have grown

The time slot is is a 3 hour one, but you can do less according to your availability or capacity. If you want to do more, Wow! We can set up another weekly meet or you can come with me on my regular visits to various gardens and plots.

But first things first. Remember if you’re coming to dress in layers with a waterproof one on the top. Wear strong waterproof footwear….wellies are good if it’s not freezing but they are poor insulators so if you have scuzzy old walking boots, they will do best – sometimes the charity shops have a few old pairs kicking around. Bring yourself a snack if you need to recharge your energy. If you want hot drinks bring a flask. Where I have the facility I can make tea but that isn’t at all of our sites. I will bring water to drink and cups.

Keep in touch through meet up as if it’s been raining heavily through the night or continues to rain heavily in the morning we will postpone or cancel our meeting. Often on Thursdays I have a reserve day in place so that we can transfer from Wednesdays to Thursdays – obviously only if you can make it.

If I’ve left anything out here, please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below. You will help others with their questions too. I look forward to meeting you one of these fine days! Hugs from Jenny x


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December 4, 2018

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